Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Spain beat Germany 1-0

With the fantabulous form the Germans reached the semi-finals of the world cup, it looked very hard for Spain to beat their opponents . But the Spanish team made a mockery of it as they displayed awesome passes and ball possession skills to beat Germany 1-0 on the road to finals.
Spain created lots of chances but it was during the 73rd minute when a cross from Andres Iniesta was headed by Carles Puyol to give the Spaniards, a lead of 1-0. The dominance of the masterly Spaniards was even praised by the German coach and the Captain. The Germans were defeated by the same scoreline in the Euro Championship final.
All through the game the Spaniards showed why they were the augured favourites to bring home the bacon. The action packed final will see a new world cup winner when Spain takes on Holland. Tough to predict between the two teams, let me see;... Spaniards or Dutch? ...Oh wait! Let us check with Paul first.........

Saturday, July 3, 2010

FIFA World Cup - Germany thrash Argentina

When Miroslav Klose netted the ball during the 89th minute of the game, it completed a ritual of sorts which had begun within a few minutes after the start of the match. Such was the dominance of this young German side that it seems that they are growing stronger with each passing game in this world cup. The South American side were left wanting for more from there champion players like Lionel Messi who ended his world cup campaign without scoring a goal.
The German team had a dream start when the free kick on 3rd minute was headed to goal by Mueller, the Argentinian defense nowhere in sight. At 20, he is probably a future star for Germany. Argentina had opportunities but could not get the ball behind the German goalkeeper.At the end of first half the score line was 1-0 in favour of Germany. During the second half the Germans showed their excellent counter attacking skills, exposing the weak left line of Argentina. The European powerhouse humbled Diego Maradona's men 4-0 at the end of the game, an unexpected scoreline for sure.

FIFA World Cup - Brazil Crashes Out

Five time world champion Brazil was knocked out of the tournament in the round of last eight. The disgraceful exit of the world's top ranked team came as a heart break for the Brazilian soccer fans all around the world. For the first 50 minutes the Samba boys played as the fantastic team as they are, but for the rest of the match, they completely lost their rhythm. The Dutch, currently ranked third in the world played resolutely to beat a fantastic team 2-1.
Brazil had early lead in the match and also opportunities to extend the lead . But everything changed when Felipe Melo provided the first own goal in the history of Brazil's world cup matches.The second goal was headed by Wesley Sneijder. Then came the idiotic stamping by Melo, which led to 10 man Brazil for the last 18 minutes of the game. It is second successive time that Brazil has been knocked out in the quarters.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hat-trick for Saina Nehwal

The star shuttler Saina Nehwal had a grand reception at the Indian airport.She had just clinched hat-trick of titles after winning the Indonesia Open Super Series at Jakarta. This was her third super series title in this season, while outclassing her opponents with excellent play. The world number three had recently won the Indian Open Grand Prix and the Singapore Open Super Series Tournament beating the world champion Lu Lan after coming from behind.
At 20 years of age, she has set a tremendous record for herself and will probably be one of the best woman sportsperson of India. She reached the quarter finals of the 2008 olympics, being the first Indian woman to do so, and is a great hope for the next Olympics.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Next morning we got up very early and enjoyed a nice hot water bath in the hotel room. Hotel manager advised us to visit Sita Devi lake just 7 km away from Munnar,. The Sita Devi Lake here is an ideal picnic spot with beautiful surroundings. You need prior permission to visit the lake since it is a private property owned by TATA.

We were very eager to see the lake and asked the local person Is there any possibility of seeing that lake..??

We were told that strangers are not allowed inside, but if we go through the jungle by walk you can see the lake. So we decided to take a small trek. After a 30 minutes walk we reached the lake. We saw three big Deers swimming in the middle of the lake that was such an amazing site. There were only two private boats which will be used by TATA group, you can sit and enjoy the scenery around the lake.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Suriya in Raktha Charitra

Suriya is one of the fine actors of South Indian cinema and also lucky to work with great film makers. After delivering many hits in Tamizh, Suriya is working on a mutilingual project made in Hindi,Telugu and Tamizh directed by Ram Gopal Verma. The movie also has Vivek Oberai starring in it. Already the film , been sold for record price overseas. The movie titled Raktha Charitra is based upon South Indian murder suspect Paritala Ravi. Already the trailers are out and looking at it is like taking a blood bath.
Hope this does not turn out to be another Ram Gopal Classic , oh sorry I meant debacle, indeed he is making records one after other in that sphere.

Monday, June 28, 2010

3G the next Gen networking

Recently the auction of 3G spectrum was completed by the government for pan India. Nearly a dozen operators participated in the auction and the revenue gained by the government of India surpassed initial calculations. By this september 2010 it is hoped that operators will start providing 3G services fullfledged.
3G means third generation of networking or communication technology involving higher speed, bandwidth and also enhanced network capabilities. The service capabilities allow smooth use of multimedia applications.BSNL was the first 3G operator in India. The speeds provided were 2Mbps.Thus users can experience video calls, conference without any hitches. 3G uses packet switched data network which are some features differentiating it from 2G.But then another important aspect is that , it is backward compatible too...
With mobile market growing rapidly, new technologies will enhance end user experience.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

FIFA - Germany shows the way out for England

At the City of Roses, Bloemfontein , the German team thrashed England 4-1. The emphatic win in the Round of 16 was completed by Mueller the young striker of Germany. Germany took the lead in the first half during 20th minute from Miraslav Klose. The second goal came of the boots of Podolski . England was 2 down but in the dying minutes of first half showed some dominance. England netted their first from Upson but were denied the equaliser from Lampard thanks to some bad refereeing. Well the ball bounced back almost 2 feet behind the goal line. But then this was an unlucky day for England. Lampard,Gerrard,Terry the so called golden generation of England had a disappointing day in the field.

The second half was completely dominated by the Germans. They remained a cohesive unit with superb counter attacking skills exposing England's defense more than once.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sachin Tendulkar at Wimbledon

Sachin Tendulkar , cricketing star shared seat along with another legend Brian Lara at the Royal Box in Centre court, on an invitation from All England Lawn Tennis club. There were also eminent personalities from other sports along with them.

The cricketer looked great in his suit.

Sachin who was rested for the Asia cup will join the test squad against SriLanka.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


There is dam named Anayirankal Dam on the way from Theni to Munnar, the place is very scenic where you can spot a pachyderm if you are lucky. The dam was surrounded by tea plantations. We had nice refreshment in the dam. Please do carry a good quality binoculars, it will help you to see elephants which are far away.

We thought of staying out of Munnar since staying in Munnar is bit expensive in season time. We enquired dozens of hotels on the way and finally got a decent room which costs 1000/day. If you are visiting Munnar during season time please stay out of the town.

It will be cheap, you can bargain, most of the scenic places are out of the town.

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The car was cruising around 90-115 in highways overtaking some big cars usually we guys took each car in road as participant in race against us.

After a 2 hour journey we reached Periyakulam and enquired a local taxi driver about the nearby tourist spots. He told us to have a look at Choothupari Dam which is just 10 KM from Periyakulam. The Dam is not worth a visit during summer, it was very dry looking like a dry pond. So we decided not to spend more time there and started to move towards Munnar.

Unfortunately just a few kilometers short of Bodi,

one of our back wheels got burst. Since we were moving very slowly during that time I managed to stop the car safely. We changed the spare wheel immediately, since we got to travel in hills we thought of getting a new wheel as spare one in Bodi. I thought Tyre shops will be there in Bodi, we asked local taxi drivers in Bodi about the car sercive centre but they told that to buy a new tyre we need to go to Theni only. So we went to Theni and bought a new tyre and resumed our journey.

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Monday, June 21, 2010


We guys planned a three day trip CHENNAI – DINDIGUL - MUNNAR – KOCHIN – DINDIGUL-CHENNAI

Actually I and my classmates planned for a three day trip to Munnar and Cochin. Train tickets were booked to Dindigul (our home town). We started our trip by Friday evening from Chennai Egmore (Pandian express) 10:00 PM and reached Dindigul by early morning 6:00 AM. We went to our respective home for two hour break. Then by 8:30 AM all the guys (Ruban,Sreeni,Prabu,Joes,Ganesh,karthi) gathered in my home to start our thrilling trip. I arranged my father’s MARUTI 800 for our trip. I can hear you question at this point of time..!

How many guys in MARUTI 800? Are you guys mad??

Yes we are!! : P the whole crew in our small car. [6 in MARUTI 800]

The climate was very hot, six in a small car, but the atmosphere was really enjoyable one. Six friends from childhood, no one to disturb us and we were in a quite enjoyable mood, nothing can stop our happiness.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

chidambaram --> pichavaram -- > Vaitheeswaran Temple PART II

We enquired an auto driver about the nearby places worth to have a look. He throws a list at us which contains Pichavaram, Vaitheeswaran temple, Pombuhar and some other temples in and around Chidambaram.

Pichavaram is just 10-15 km from Chidambaram is a must see tourist spot where you can witness the second largest mangrove forest in the world. The forest provides habitat for more than 150 bird species. If you are lucky you can see some wild animals like fox, Jackal.

TTDC is offering boat rides to enjoy the mangrove forest. There will be three to four types of boat rides offered.

Tariff @ TTDC

Row boat 150 per hour fwo persons

Motor boat 1500 per hour

The fare varies based on the number of persons. If u have enough time please choose Row boats as the boat men are very friendly they will expect some extra tips Rs20/ .

They will take you to places where motor boats cannot enter and I was thrilled to be there. The distance covered will be based on the hours you hired the boat. The trip to sea shore will take around three hours but my advice will be to take one hour so that u will not be bored.

And then we decided to enlighten our spiritual senses :) :)

Then we caught a local bus to Chidambaram and then we (me and sreeni) thought of getting refreshment, and had a fresh juice near Chidambaram bus stand.

After a hour break we moved towards Vaitheeswaran temple. Don’t waste money for taxi/auto. There are several buses run by Govt to Vaitheeswaran temple. The place is approx 30 mins from Chidambaram. Believe me once you got down from the bus you will be surrounded by Beggars/Brokers for Nadi Joditham (Astorlogy). Please don’t listen to them, Although Vaitheeswaran temple is famous for Nadi Joditham nowadays there are many culprits who are cheating people cheaply. Be aware it.

Don’t forget to buy a dozen of bananas for temple pachyderm :p

Saturday, June 19, 2010

chidambaram --> pichavaram

A well spent sunday!!

I was bit bored by my daily routine life, so me and my friend srini thought of exploring our neighborhood places in and around Chidambaram.

So we started our journey by Saturday early morning 1 :00 am and reached koyambedu bus stand. From there we caught a bus(SETC) to Chidambaram which cost approx 80 rs, the bus looks pretty old but believe me that bus has raw power under its hood which helped us to reach Chidambaram by an hour earlier than we thought.

We just take a bath in nearby lodge that will cost around rs 50 per person and then we headed towards the famous Chidambaram Natarajar temple.

The temple is truly amazing by her dominant statues and extraordinary architecture. We were told that the temple was built to get most of AKAYA Shakthi which helps to relive any disease.

In this occasion I have to tell that Chidambaram is one of the places in Tamil Nadu where you can get authentic Brahmin meals at an adorable price. There is a mess named UDIPI near the temple which is simply better than many Bhavans around south India: p. the meal was awesome which goes really well with onion pakkoda. The cost per person will be approx 40.

Friday, June 18, 2010